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how to eat a nettle

And you do want to eat them as they’re wild and free and abundant and full of nutrition. (Note: avoid the road-side ones and have a look around your backyard instead…)

When they’re young and tender—and if your fingers, like mine, are hardened to the stinging bits—you can just snap off a few stems, three inches or so each.

You can also use gloves and scissors.

Then pluck the leaves off and toss them (the leaves, I mean) into an omelette. You do NOT want to eat the stems. Ever.

If you get stung, consider yourself lucky. Many healthy properties in those stings, and the itching doesn’t last forever so stop whining. (There are people who beat themselves with bunches of nettles to cure their arthritis. Not suggesting it… just saying…)

If you’re blessed with fields of nettles… definitely  harvest with gloves and scissors, and make soup. (Again, discarding stems.)

Grate a little parmesan over it and eat with good bread, at a table outside if possible.

And there you have it.

Questions from the floor??

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3 thoughts on “how to eat a nettle

  1. Ha, didn’t know that about the stinging, and no, I don’t think I’ll be whipping myself with them, arthritis or no. I’ve got a couple of nettle recipes on my blog too if anyone is interested. Happy foraging!

    • carin on said:

      Thanks for the link. Nettles, goat cheese, ravioli and garlic butter are among my favourite food groups! Very nice blog, too. So glad you stopped by!

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