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more weeds


My Nettle Soup:

Sautee onions until well browned — quantity depends on how much soup you’re making and how much you like onions

Add nettles (leaves only) (I give the stalks a whiz in the food processor then dig the bits into whatever part of the garden needs nitrogen; salad greens, kale, things like that will appreciate it)

Add stock, or water with bouillon cube(s). Again, it depends how much you’re making, how many leaves you’ve got, and how thick you like your soup. I make it on the thin side. So I add a fair bit of water. Then I eat/drink it more as a broth than a soup.

If you prefer a more soupy result, all manner of things can be added: carrots, potatotes, lentils, whatever you like. Or, conversely, you could make your favourite soup and just toss in the nettle leaves for an extra bit of nourishment. They’re loaded with vitamins.

Whatever you do, don’t get angry with them! Be grateful they’re growing in your garden (they enrich the soil and keep certain pests away) and get cooking.

When plucking leaves, DO wear gloves. Should you get stung, don’t panic. Yes, it hurts and you’ll get some itching and burning and a welt or two, but it clears up soon(ish). Rhubarb or sorrel rubbed on the area is supposed to help soothe the sting.

Bon appetit!

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