today's forage

there’s never nothing to eat

Or drink.

Not at this time of year.

Not if you have a garden with weeds.

Especilally the Queen of weeds, Madame Dent-de-Lyon. Also known as Pissenlit. But the less said about that the better.

Right now the leaves are gorgeous and tender and perfect and transformed daily into salad with slices of avocado, hard boiled egg, grated carrot, crumbles of feta, chickpeas. Garlic. Lemon juice. Olive oil. Well, you know how to make a salad…

Roots can be brewed into a tasty coffee-like beverage but as I don’t care for coffee-like beverages (and why would I want to kill my salad producing weeds???) I don’t use them.

Buds add a nice texture to stir fry.

Blossoms can be sautéed, frittered, tossed raw into above-mentioned salad or steeped as a tea/tisane.

Also, picking blooms before they open is helpful for keeping the energy in leaf production. Plus, once they turn to fluff they’re no longer pleasantly edible. And the neighbours get cranky.

This morning I picked all the blooms in my dandy-lion patch, steeped them in boiling water, added a little stevia, cooled and refrigerated…

First time I’ve done this and I’m happy to report it makes a delightfully delicious dandelionade.



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