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that was winter; this is spring

One of my pleasures is to eat as locally and seasonally as possible. It actually thrills me to be able to do this rather than just buy whatever I fancy. Asparagus in February???
I don’t think so.

So all winter it’s been carrots, parsnip, celery root, butternut & other squash, beets, etc., and when the fresh supply waned… frozen summer cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts. Sautéed, roasted or made into salads (celery root and carrot salad is gorgeous; as is a roasted veggie one with cumin).

Thanks to Hy Hope Farm for big beautiful leaves of late season kale in December, which I froze whole and enjoyed well into March. And to The Village Market for being there ALL WINTER with a fine selection of root veg.

You guys made cold weather dining so much sweeter.

As did my dehydrator, which allowed the pleasures of Niagara apricots, cherries and plums while the snow fell.

Add to that, homemade pesto: basil, tarragon, dandelion, scapes, purslane.

Pickles and preserves. Some made, some received as gifts, some purchased from farms and markets.

Bread from the baker.
Sustainably caught fish.
Meat from Healthy Meats or Snowden Farms.

And now, getting even more local… backyard foraging has begun!

This weekend’s feast: the last of last year’s potatoes, sautéed with the first of this year’s nettles
and sprinkled with a cut of chives; Healthy Meat pork chops on the BBQ; tender dandelion leaves added to hydroponic greens from Norwich, Ontario.
With a splosh of peach salsa from the Whitby/Ajax Community Gardeners.
Happy new season of eating!

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2 thoughts on “that was winter; this is spring

  1. jennyhud on said:

    Looks delicious! Hoping to forage nettles near my house soon.

    • Bon appetit! (I tried ‘growing’ them for years; they never took. Then one day — presto! — they appeared. Have had my own crop ever since. A little ouchy, but worth it.) (;

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