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have i mentioned scapes?

The other day at the market it was all about the scapes. I didn’t buy any because I have a whole garden full of them presently. But that doesn’t preclude chit chat of the So How Do You Do Your  Scapes? kind. Meredith, one of my favourite farmers, was saying how she just the night before sautéed a bunch of them with asparagus and green onions. Did she say mushrooms too?? Snow peas? Then tossed the lot with some buttery pasta. Salt. Pepper. Eat.

I said I toss mine in olive oil, wrap them in foil then heat on the BBQ twenty minutes or so. If I have asparagus I throw that in with the scapes.

Roasting in the oven works the same way. No need for foil.

A couple of women who were listening in decided to buy some and try the grilled version.

This doesn’t happen in grocery stores. Also, what doesn’t happen is that you are reminded to snip off the ‘tail’ that extends from the bud at the top. The bud is edible, delicious, especially if it gets a bit crunchy—-keep that bit. But the skinny chive-like thing attached to it is tough, so don’t bother with it. Listen to your farmer. Snip it off (before cooking).

Viva markets and real food and the pleasure of summery chit chat.

IMG_7869 - Copy


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