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eating my way through the alphabet: ‘a’ is for apricots

The whole reason I got a dehydrator was to do apricots. The season just isn’t long enough to eat as many as I’d like in their off-the-tree form. Though I always give it my best effort.IMG_2357Another bonus is that I can make sure it’s ‘clean fruit’ by briefly soaking them in cold water with a splash of apple cider vinegar. This [supposedly] removes any nasty residues, i.e. sprays.IMG_2364Then, before slicing for the dehydrator, I let them air dry outside. I sit next to them and read a while. They’re lovely companions. So quiet.IMG_2365Slice, spread on trays and pop into the dehydrator…img_85532When done, pack them up, suck out all the air [a very nifty gadget exists for this] and that’s it. All that’s left is to wait for winter when all this July goodness becomes an ingredient for December granola festivals.IMG_2377

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2 thoughts on “eating my way through the alphabet: ‘a’ is for apricots

  1. Oh these look so delicious. I remember being in Lillooet (hot dry B.C. town) in mid-July (a few years ago) with a forest fire raging just above the town and the streets so hot. But there were apricot trees hanging over the sidewalk, ancient trees, laden with fruit, silky-skinned and beautiful. And a woman said to us, Just pick as many as you’d like… So we did. The taste of sunlight.

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