today's forage

first forage of the year

With chopped egg, dulse flakes, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and a pffft of cayenne.
IMG_1347This became a pretty divine lunch.

Note: Am SO thrilled that after coddling my few clumps of dandelions for several seasons [meaning I didn’t dig them up] they’ve finally grown into fine, upstanding citizens of the veggie garden. Plump and healthy with leaves soft as a whisper and full of goodness. [Note: I have a high bitterness threshold so for me they’re dandy all year but if you’re delicate that way, feast on them now. When they pop out of the still cold earth, they’re the least bitter you’ll ever find them.]

Also note: I’d like to think it goes without saying that you do not eat dandelions picked from questionable places that might be sprayed with some nefarious thing or other. Best to give over a corner of your garden to them and treat them like one of the veggie family.

Invite them for tea. Ask them how they are.

Bon appetit!

Of note: Last year’s first forage in that weirdly warm spring was almost a month earlier…

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4 thoughts on “first forage of the year

  1. Oh, wonderful! You’ve reminded me and now I am going to run out and see if there are any up here yet.

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