today's forage

weeds for lunch

Yessirree, Bob, it’s that time of year again, when I can step right outside my own back door and wrestle lunch to the ground, i.e. cut some dandelions and other greens. So far have also indulged in nettles, sorrel and garlic chives.

I should warn you my favourite food group is salad. I make one every day, many of which are foraged and include things like purslane, mustard greens, wild garlic, lambs quarters, shoots of various descriptions (pea, radish, carrot, beet); others are not foraged but I may talk about them also. It’s hard for me not to talk about salad.

Today’s almuerzo (surprise, salad!) began thusly and dandily…

Then I added a few local (hydroponic) spinach leaves, a clove of last year’s garlic harvest, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, cayenne, turmeric and a hard-boiled egg.

Which turned out very darn pretty. And tasty too.

But I figured the dandy-lions, being at their most tender—and having waited all year for their close-up—deserved the spotlight.

Happy grazing.

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