today's forage

rillette with a twist & (part of) an egg

What… garlic for breakfast??


Oh yes.

Finally made it up to the egg monger on a foggy morning and stocked up with two dozen. The chickens were feeling quite sprightly, I was told. Excited about all this weather I guess; spending time outside, catching up on farmyard gossip.

During the unpacking ceremony at home one egg suffered a trauma that left it whiteless (not entirely dissimilar to witless in this case) but not a problem… the surviving yolk—with a bit of ground and sautéed smoked bacon and garlic (still eating our own harvest!), a side of sliced pineapple and the The Squirrel Show in the garden—turned into a very pleasant breakfast indeed.

To make ground smoked bacon:

First buy a slab of it at the delicatessen. Use your fingers to show how much you’d like. Show about two inches. Or you could actually say a slab of smoked bacon about two inches thick but many people don’t know inches. And, personally, I’m not good with centimetres, so I advise the illustration-by-fingers method.

At home, put the slab through your meat grinder along with many, many, cloves of the best and freshest garlic you can find. The stuff from China doesn’t count. Add salt and pepper and mix it all up, then keep it in a covered tupperware in the fridge. You can also freeze portions.

When the mood strikes for salted fatty pork, you’re all set. You can cook with it, or just slather it directly on hunks of fresh bread in the way you would the French version, rillette.

Mine is more peasanty, simpler and much more garlicky.

Oh, and please remember to drink some red wine to counterbalance the fat.

A brisk walk wouldn’t hurt either.

There's a chicken party going on down this lane...

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