today's forage

peas, man

Last night we had a bit of leftover the-best-steak-ever-BBQ’d  from the night before so we sliced it and tossed it with spinach (from a local hydroponic grower—available at Sobey’s), shallots (Canadian of course), some olive oil and homemade tarragon vinegar (a staple that gets topped up every year with fresh stuff from the garden).

But it needed something else.

Avocado would have been nice but we didn’t have any and my whole thing these days is using what I’ve got and letting the ingredients inspire culinary invention, right?


Which brings me to a bit of butter still in a saucepan from making a crumble, which I decided to add a dram of water to and defrost some (local) peas, which then begged (begged!) to be tossed into the steak and spinach salad.

Which was brilliant because they not only added flavour but texture. If you like that kind of thing.

The point is I’d never in a million years have thought of peas if we’d had an avocado in the house.

Or, for that matter, if I’d washed the saucepan earlier.

This is what I love about foraging. Every meal’s a trip.

BTW, if you’re in the mood to give peas a chance, try this ultra simple, groovy recipe for soup, right here.

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